• Sparse due to over tweezing or medical condition?
  • Do you have little or no eyebrow hair?
  • Difficulty putting them on without your glasses?
  • Penciled brows wear off during the day or come out crooked or uneven?

Permanent brows are artfully shaped to frame and flatter your face, created a soft, natural finish and does not look like drawing with pencil. With new technology, exclusive of color pigments and the most advance technique will give the clients the brow lines styled with each age, give compliment to skin tone, hair color and bone structures of the face, and assure a natural, perfect appearance.





Make your eyes sparkle with color, from the most subtle enhancement to dramatic eyeliners, this service is perfect for clients with sparse eyelash, corrects the drooping eyelids, enhances lash lines and opens up your eyes, makes tired eye looking sparkling and brighter, and creates show stopping for the eyes.




Luscious Lips:


Full lip can be applied to give more definition, correct even lip liners, add fullness to lips, prevent lipstick from bleeding and minimize the appearance of winkles..etc. Clients with thinner, uneven vermilion borders or no color lips (can be completely shaded for a stunning natural look) should take advantage of this service to have more vibrant and youthful, younger looking lips without having to apply lipsticks.

Sexy, luscious and fuller lips can be yours!





Benefits for clients with permanent makeup:

  • Look their best 24/7.
  • Allergic to regular cosmetic.
  • Little or no hair brows.
  • Athletic clients who want to look good without smearing and smudging of makeup while exercising or on the gold course on hot day.
  • Poor eyesight .
  • Seeking corrections for asymmetrical features.
  • Busy with little time to apply makeup.
  • Cosmetic enhancements.
  • Permanent makeup...  the ultimate way to feel beautiful.  The best investment you'll  ever make.